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Idea. Innovation. Success

BCOZZY revolutionized Neck Pillow was born because of a need


The inventor and entrepreneur behind BCOZZY Neck Pillow and his wife went on a holiday and bought at the airport neck pillows so they can pass the long flight comfortably. Unfortunately during the flight he found himself struggling with the pillow to find a comfortable position for the head and neck, but without success. A quick glance at the other passengers made it clear that this is not just his problem and that the common U shape neck pillows are not effective. This realization sparked his imagination and he decided to create a neck pillow that will enable both children and adults the perfect neck and head comfort possible.

The world's first chin supporting neck pillow


After a market research and reading reviews and complaints from travelers about their neck pillows, he created the first BCOZZY prototype, with a bed sheet, pillow filling, scissors and Stapler ...

After dozens of attempts, improvements and testing with friends and family, the BCOZZY patent-pending neck pillow was born.

BCOZZY flexible ergonomic neck pillow is the first of its kind in the world, offering a unique structure that provides peripheral support to the head, neck and chin in an upright sitting position ensuring comfortable and more pleasant and efficient use experience than any other neck pillow in the market.

After receiving positive responses, he developed BCOZZY neck pillow tailored for children size which support their heads and necks allowing them to sleep comfortably and peacefully in car journeys.

BCOZZY Neck Pillow success around the world


Since its launch, BCOZZY neck pillow has become a hit among travelers and even was recommended by chiropractors as effective solution for neck problems.

Today, BCOZZY neck pillow is successfully marketed in Israel, Japan, USA, Canada, Mexico and other countries.

Satisfied customers send us pictures from all over the world and share their BCOZZY experience with us.

BCOZZY was nominated for the innovative travel accessory in 2015 at the International Travel Goods Show held in Las Vegas.

BCOZZY Neck Pillow Patent


BCOZZY invention was granted a design patent by the USA Patent and Trademark Office.

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