Product Summary:
- EASY BREATHING AND TALKING- BCOZZY 3D face mask, is the only face mask with a built-in and embedded 3D face bracket that forms to the contours of the face.

- ADVANTAGES- The inner cloth layer of the face mask DOES NOT get sucked up into the mouth- Allow maximum breathability and clear conversation when talking- Enable less moist environment than just with wearing a bracket underneath- Less friction and irritation with the face skin- Protects makeup, especially lipstick from getting messed up.

- ADJUSTABLE COMFORT- The full cover chin wrap design with the ear straps, can be adjusted to best fit and maximum personal comfort. The flexible nose clip wraps securely around the bridge of the nose for a close fit and can help to prevent glasses from fogging up and enabling clear vision when walking or talking.

- USE IT AS A SPORTS MASK OR WORK MASK- BCOZZY 3D face masks are suitable and very comfortable for daily use as a sports or work mask. You can wear this mask all day long when walking, shopping, commuting.REUSABLE and WASHABLE- the BCOZZY 3D face mask can be washed and reused for a long time. To keep it fresh, simply hand wash in cold or hot water, let it air dry. Do not tumble dry or iron. Colors don't fade with wash.

- GET MORE PROTECTION- The 3-Ply cotton protects against allergens, particles, and pollutants. NOT MEDICAL GRADE: Our masks are not a medical device or PPE.

BCOZZY Adjustable 3D Dust Cloth Face Masks with Embedded Bracket

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