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You Ask, We answer.

Why BCOZZY neck pillow is more effective than others?

This is the world's first and only neck pillow, which provides full support to the chin. Unique patent pending ergonomic structure includes special booster side cushions allowing natural posture without a fear of dropping the head forward or sideways.


Does BCOZZY Neck Pillow fit to any head size and neck length?

Sure! The flexible but solid structure allow to use the pillow in a variety of seating positions and adapt to the personal comfort, appropriate to the proportions of the head and neck of each individual.


Is BCOZZY Neck Pillow also suitable for children?

Of course! We also developed BCOZZY neck pillow in appropriate measures to the size and anatomy of children heads and necks.

How BCOZZY Neck Pillow maintains its position around the neck?

BCOZZY neck pillow uniquely designed patented pending curved arms, lay one on top of the other and surround the neck naturally without the need for buttons or connectors.


Is BCOZZY machine washable?

Yes, BCOZZY neck pillow is made of high quality fabric and filling materials and can be entirely machine washed, in accordance with the washing instructions.


Is BCOZZY recommended by professionals?

Definitely. BCOZZY neck pillow is recommended by chiropractors as neck pillow that contributes to reducing stress on the neck. Therefore it is suitable for people who travel, sit long hours in front of the computer screen or at home, and of course for people who suffer from neck pain.


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