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Rachel, Dublin, Ireland (06/05/2016)

"Our son is a student and since we bought him BCOZZY neck pillow he says  he sleeps like a baby"

Irene, Paris, France (19/02/2016)

"My son brought me BCOZZY pillow after a surgery that made me stay home for 4 months. It is great when I relax on the couch and even when I'm napping. It is certainly a comforting solution I needed."

AndieM, USA (16/12/2017)

"I have a recliner that I fall asleep in. It is a large older leather recliner that does not go back, but it is comfortable. When I doze off my
head goes down into weird not very comfortable positions and now I have neck pain. I found BCozzy pillow and it works. It prevents me head
from hanging and bobbing which puts stress on my neck and shoulders."


Judy, Australia (09/08/2016)

"This is Lilly-Rose, 4yrs old. Diagnosed with: Down Syndrome. She has has Very, very Low muscle tone. To hold her head up whilst asleep. She needs 'Support'. Being four now. She has outgrown her (baby travel pillow). We came across Bcozzy. After emailing and mentioning she has special needs. Bcozzy sent me photos of children with special needs using the product. Without her Bcozzy pillow & without support, her neck & head , flop's. Which then she starts chocking in her sleep & breathing becomes an issue. With Bcozzy, I am extremely pleased to say, 'Lilly-Rose is able to travel safely now, & air pipe with access to breath and not chock. I am very happy with her Bcozzy and the support staff gave me during the whole process of getting one. Thank you SO much. 😊😊

Would love to spread the word. XXXX. And again , a Huge thank you. (We are doing 3 , long trips , which are 3hr drives. Within the next month. I can now stop looking in my mirror to check on her. And won't have to stop in unsafe areas to (help her). I'm wrapped. And I'll be spreading the word in Nowra to others 😊😊"



















Valerie, UK (15/12/2017)

" Absolutely perfect. After trawling through endless neck pillow ads, none of which seemed quite right, I saw this and bought it. Great design and very comfortable.."

Surreymum, UK (03/12/2017)

" Best travel pillows ever, for adults and kids, we all had them for a long haul flight and long transfers. Great because you can tuck them to the side or front, depending how you want to support your neck. Cosy and soft. Excellent.."

Gilly, UK (07/10/2016)

" Supports your head so well..really comfortable and cozy. Highly recommended 😎😎 I have had numerous travel pillows, but this is by far the best."

Anna, UK (06/10/2016)

" This pillow is fantastic, we travel to the airport a lot in the night and my son always falls asleep, it is a nightmare for him with his head flopping about and this Travel pillow wraps securely round my sons neck so he can sleep forwards or sideways without his head wobbling all over, he loves it and said it is really comfortable to wear too.

The joy of this is you can alter this to suit your sleeping position easily , this boasts that
he PATENTED flexible ergonomic shape provides all round comfort and support simultaneously to the head, neck, and chin while the user is in an upright sitting position, ensuring a comfortable and more relaxing experience than any other travel neck pillow on the market -The BEST Travel Accessory Nominee of the 2015 Travel Goods Show.

And this really is the case such a simple idea that works amazingly well , I actually want one for myself love it, you can customize this for the plane to , if you want to sleep facing a side then this is so easy to adjust to suit your sleeping mode, it really holds your head and no more falling asleep and your head dropping and jolting you awake.

This is fantastic for travel and home even if you just want a nap, lovely colour ranges for male and females and if I get one will review my experience too !

Machine washable too the Travel Pillow is by far the best on the market and we have tried a few, comfort here is by far the best and stability."

Valerie C., USA (12/12/2017)

I purchased the adult size for my ten year old as she kinda has a bigger head, and it’s so comfy and supportive!! This travel pillow is made very well and seems like it will last a long time.
Very worth the money:) no more head flopping or neck cramps.


Eve, UK (11/10/2016)

" I’m calling this a sweet little thing. I have the Adult Sized Neck and Chin support Pillow from BCOZZY. Right away, what I like about it is that it’s not big and stifling. Some neck pillows are overly stuffed and not suitable for all people, but I found this one just the right size for my head and neck. And, it has my favor color pink.

The fabric is very soft and made of 100% Polyester including the filling. The entire pillow is machine washable in cold water. The colors I have are pink on one side, blue on the other.

It’s not a memory foam inside, but really soft yet robust stuffing. If it was a graded sleeping pillow, I would say it’s a medium to firm grade. Too soft really would defeat its purpose I think. The support you get from this is great, and what I’ve noticed is that it’s instantly warm. Feels like a warm hug.

You can tell it was well thought out. It wraps around the front of your neck twice, however, if you choose not to have it do that, it’s not restrictive, you can easily loosen the hug it gives and still have it support your head perfectly.

I’m what you call a sniffer, I smell everything new that I get, and can attest that the pillow has no funny smell to it at all. The pillow has a strap with a snap button, the purpose is if you want to attach your pillow to your suitcase, travel bag or bed post which is what I have done. Sometimes sitting up in bed to read doesn’t allow me the best support for my neck and that’s where my pillow comes into play.

Overall for me this is a winner. I can truly recommend it because the material is not cold, and it just feels great. It’s also better than inflatable neck pillows, I found one of those to be hard, sharp when creased and just not indulgent with a bounce factor. I hope you found my opinion helpful."

A. Simpson, UK (06/10/2016)

" This arrived well on time and showed no signs of any damage or marks.
At first it looked uncomfortable but I placed this around my neck and lowered my head to watch TV and it was very cosy in fact I wore this most of the night to watch more movies.
It comes in pink / blue colors depending on which way you wear it so designed for males and females.
Very easy to wear and extremely comfortable.
No faults on the material or stitching.
Ideal for wearing while watching TV, in the car on long journeys and other travel modes.
Well worth 5 stars."

Pamela, UK (07/10/2016)

" BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow - Supports the Head, Neck and Chin in Maximum Comfort in Any Sitting Position, 2015 Travel Goods Show's Best Travel Accessory Nominee and Available in Adult or Child Sizes. A Patented Product. (ADULT SIZE, RED) this is a good size travel pillow with good quality material and comes in a few different colours , i found this very comfortable and warm i tried this while i was watching tv and found it very good .this will be great when im travelling as i do have a neck problem so this should help and keep me warm as well ,this comes in kids and adult sizes and is easy washed ,this travel pillow has a press stud fastener strap that i could tie to my handbag or backpack when i travel , this is a great design and i chose the red and blue i am very happy with mine as it helps support my neck."

best travel pillow for maximum comfort and customization in any sitting position
best travel pillow for maximum comfort and customization in any sitting position
best travel pillow for maximum comfort and customization in any sitting position
best travel pillow for maximum comfort and customization in any sitting position
best travel pillow for maximum comfort and customization in any sitting position
best travel pillow for maximum comfort and customization in any sitting position
best travel pillow for maximum comfort and customization in any sitting position
best travel pillow for maximum comfort and customization in any sitting position
best travel pillow for maximum comfort and customization in any sitting position
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